HumanTechno is a company engaged in Business Consulting and Information System Development which was established to be the best partner for every client in finding solutions to various challenges and problems.

With a combination of consultants who have multi-expertise, it is of great value in creating a variety of efforts on issues comprehensively, so as to make client needs very well met.

We are determined to provide the best service through the two main services we provide – Business Consulting and Information System Development so that each of our clients will be more structured in making strategies that will be implemented.

Our team consists of a combination of various generations so that they will be able to adapt to the changing times in each service. This is what makes HumanTechno: a strong mix of experts across generations and across disciplines and expertise based on Compassion.


Business Consulting

Consulting services program that leads to the development and improvement of major aspects in a company or business organization. There are at least three main aspects of a company, namely People, Process, and Technology. The quality of these three aspects must be balanced. This means that continuous improvement must be made.

Therefore, based on compassion, HumanTechno consultants are ready to assist company leaders to achieve high company performance through various programs presented in Business Consulting.

Information System Development

The development of information technology and information systems has triggered a wider business development. Companies are also required to be able to develop and adapt quickly to adapt to these developments. In dealing with this situation, we present a solution that suits your needs, namely an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) information system.

However, applying this system requires careful preparation in developing a management system and human resources within the company. This is the best solution that we provide. Through the development of a management system and human resources, in the future, all resources and business processes can be integrated and fully support the company’s operations.


Our consulting team consists of local talents with global and intercultural experience, blending a multitude of professional and personal backgrounds in every work we do.

<center>Hendranto Adhi</center>

Hendranto Adhi

Executive Consultant
<center>KS Arsana</center>

KS Arsana

Executive Consultant


Our clients consist of companies operating in various branches of industry
ranging from national and international companies


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