About Human Techno

As a member of Fajar Benua Group, HumanTechno was founded in 2019 with  a strong passion to assist all its clients in developing their human resources in  line with digital business transformation. These two aspects are fundamentals  that cannot be separated along with business development. That is why  starting as a strategic directorate of the Fajar Benua Group, HumanTechno  was finally established as a form of collaboration between Fajar Benua Group  with its technology development strengths and HumanDynamics, which has  handled human resource development programs for decades in various  national and multinational companies.

A sustainable business requires a strong system and it is our job to ensure that  the business process system architecture and operational systems in your  business become more efficient and effective with digital transformation. This  is the key to competing in today’s changing digital era, and we are here to  help you make that happen with our expertise in business modeling and  change management. Once again, HumanTechno is the best partner who has  a lot of networks and is supported by experts who can directly help you  according to your needs based on compassion.


To become a leader in transforming the compassion-based business in Indonesia.


To provide the best solutions through various programs that are built according to the needs of each client.

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