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Consulting services program that leads to the development and improvement of major aspects in a company or business organization. There are at least three main aspects of a company, namely People, Process, and Technology. The quality of these three aspects must be balanced. This means that continuous improvement must be made.

Therefore, based on compassion, HumanTechno consultants are ready to assist company leaders to achieve high company performance through various programs presented in Business Consulting.

Compassionate Organization Transformation

A business organization model based on Compassion is believed to be the best solution in creating high-performance business organizations or companies. HumanTechno consultants’ experiences in the journey of their life and career is a high guarantee for the successful transformation of the HumanTechno client company.

What We Serve

Compassionate Leadership Building

Compassionate Management System Development

Compassionate People Development

Compassionate Coaching

Compassionate Team Bulding

Strategic Management

With a very dynamic situation, HumanTechno is well aware of the importance of mature strategies that must be owned by company leaders. Starting from the elements of finance, human resources, to management systems and IT development. Therefore, HumanTechno consultants are ready to assist the strategic position holders of the company to be ready to design a company-strategy.

What We Serve

Strategic Coaching

Strategic Management Consulting

Human Resource Development

The human resource aspect is the key to the sustainability of a business. With the high quality of human resources in a company, of course, it will have a big effect on the achievements achieved. Continuous development of human resources (continuous improvement) is our concern as the client’s best partner.

What We Serve

Competency Profiling & Assessment

KPI Management

Essential Supervisory Skills

Coaching Skills

Team Building

Leadership & Organizational Skills

Communication Skills

Branding and Marketing Strategy

Digitalization has become a solution in adapting to new habits. With our experienced team of experts, our clients will be accompanied to design a digital branding and marketing strategy to enlarge the business being run.

What We Serve

Web Design & Marketing Promotion Design

Digital Marketing

Sales Funnel

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